We believe in community radio. We have come together to run as Independents for Community Radio. We believe KPFA should generate unique, local hard-hitting journalism right here in the San Francisco Bay Area. We believe in a collaborative environment that empowers the community to participate in KPFA, creating members that feel like a part of the station and support it like family.

Follow the Action - New Web Site for 2012

Many of the folks behind this site are now investing energy into the new:



In particular the United for Community Radio folks have all their slates candidates described there.

Check it out.

Current KPFA information as of 2012

Reccomended sites for current information about KPFA including:
1. what's really behind the recall campaign against Tracy Rosenberg
2. deconstructing the recall petition
3. what are the real issues between the various factions
4. the financial status of the station
5. changes in the morning programming
6. the continuing battle for listener democracy
and others issues:
http://stopthekpfarecall.org ( the most comprehensive current info on KPFA issues)

On-Air Drama at KPFA-FM After Executive Director Acts on Two Year Financial Collapse

Berkeley-After a slow motion buildup for several months, The Pacifica Foundation, the Berkeley-based 501(c)-3 not-for-profit organization that holds the licenses for five educational radio stations across the country and provides content for 150 affiliated stations, has finally moved to stanch financial bleeding at the network's Berkeley unit KPFA-FM by laying off 7-8 employees after posting a million dollar loss over the past two years.

Picket at KPFA over staffing cuts

Anita Johnson, co-founder of HardKnock Radio, and Adrienne Lauby, host of PushingLimits, are on Part 2.

Independents for Community Radio Position on the KPFA Budget and Staff Cuts

*Why Budget Cuts?*

It's not surprising that the prospect of budget cuts and staff layoffs has evoked deep concern, even anger, among KPFA employees and listeners, but we can't let emotions and heated rhetoric obscure the fundamental facts of the situation. The station must reduce its staff headcount for one sad but simple reason: /there is no money to continue paying all current employees/, there are no reserves to cover the shortfall, and there's no possibility of making it up by cutting other expenses.

Looking Beneath the Mud by Anthony Fest


It's sad to see a KPFA Local Station Board election debate descend to lies and mudslinging. But that's what happened this year, with the “Save KPFA” group (known in previous elections as the “Concerned Listeners”) making ridiculous accusations against the competing Independents for Community Radio (ICR) candidates. Save-KPFA also has somehow convinced reporters Mitch Jeserich and Aaron Glantz into repeating their party line, and even into slinging some mud as well.

KPFA in Crisis ....And You Can Save It!

by Sasha Futran


No, this isn’t a plea for donations, although the crisis is monetary. It is for your involvement and vote for KPFA’s board which needs to turn around KPFA’s financial difficulties . . . or not.

Last week KPFA borrowed money from Pacifica, the foundation that owns it, and one of Pacifica’s other four stations, to meet payroll. KPFA’s board helped get us into this mess and now the board needs to get us out.

Towards a Just Communications Structure: Pacifica Radio and the Never-Ending Battle

Reprinted from The Huffington Post : http://www.huffingtonpost.com/tracy-rosenberg/towards-a-just-communicat_b_721826.html


I often hear, as a Pacifica Foundation board member that terrestrial radio in general and Pacifica radio in particular, is irrelevant.

I would make the case that anything that generates as much sound and fury as Pacifica has for the last 20 years cannot possibly be irrelevant.

BeyondChron Blog Takes Misinformation to a New Level

Dear Beyond Chron Editors Shaw and Hogarth,

I'm truly disgusted with both of you, almost beyond words. The visual you chose has no connection to the slate you are endorsing and which is now confusing voters by running under another group's name. ("KPFA Election Will Decide Progressive Networks Future," 9/13/2010) Your use of a 1999 photo of a different group is beyond disingenuous.

From The Vault: CALCULATED CHAOS: Inside the Mobilization That Rocked Pacifica by Van Jones, Photos by Rebekah Rodriguez @1999

To some observers, the broad protest movement that erupted this summer to defend Bay Area community radio station KPFA (94.1 FM) looked like a near riot. To others, the grassroots action that reversed the station's shutdown looked like the deliberate work of a well-organized and media-savvy coalition of professional activists. In reality, our movement--which drew in thousands of ordinary people, commanded front-page media attention, and won the support of celebrities and government officials--was neither pure chaos nor pure calculation.

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